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Galaxy Heroes: Strategies

The Legend

The year is 3666. The Earth's Empire extends over hundreds of worlds. Peace is kept by the mighty star fleet and the secret Order of the Keepers.

The Order discovers that the Empire is under a threat of an invasion from dark forces. To fight the invaders, humankind should find a weapon of a great fallen race. Fragments of the weapon were lost and are now scattered across many planets of the galaxy.
Our hero is sent to one of such planets, leading a strong team of Keepers and mercenaries. Giant corporations, adventurers from all walks of life, traders, and the military will clash in a fierce battle to claim the legacy of the Ancients.

In search of the artifact, the hero will go through many adventures and find true friends, love, and glory!

What's in the box?

The Game In Action


Almost 100 units of 6 types with different skill-sets combinations. Collect them all!
Soldiers - the weakest units armed with handguns. But despite this, the skills of some soldiers are so useful that they can radically change the course of any battle.
Super Soldiers
Super soldiers are fighters in powerful and technological combat suits allowing them to win victories in battles. Due to the variety of combat skills, they will be useful in any army.
Combat Vehicles
A combat vehicle is equipped with excellent weapons and capable, depending on the specialization, to perform various combat missions: raids, ambushes, and even support for attacking forces.
A tank is a heavy combat vehicle equipped with powerful weapons. Perfectly adapted for frontal battles. They are able to prove themselves in the assault and defense.
Robot is the pinnacle of the development of ground combat forces. They have many specializations and do their best, thanks to their attack, health and defense parameters.
Aliens - fighting forces of other races. They have an incredible variety: from small and innocent inhabitants of the caves - Slicks, up to huge ancient monsters - Kazgars!

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